Due mainly to the regulations on Occupational Hazards and Environmental Health, we have been gradually forced to eliminate and replace some of the raw materials we use on a regular basis. Today it is the turn of our Micrometal product.

There is no substitute product with the same characteristics, so CONIEX, s.a. recommends the use of our industrial talc, code B210015, presented in 5 Kg. packages, specially designed for the application in Low Fusion molds.

Indications for micrometal replacement:

The main benefits that were obtained with the use of micrometal, i.e. better filling of parts and improved surface quality, can be obtained by other means.

The application of a thin layer of industrial talc improves the filling of the parts to the same extent as micrometal and better eliminates air bubbles.

The parts are left with a satin appearance that does not impair the polishing of the parts as it is easily removed in the process of vibrating and/or polishing them.

If you want to obtain quality parts that do not have a satin appearance, it is best not to use any powder additives, but to adjust the casting parameters. The improvement in the quality of the current molds and alloys (our ZAMACK K4 and K6) makes it possible to obtain quality parts only with a good adjustment of these parameters.
If you need help in setting up the molds without the use of Micrometal, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have.
You may contact José Vte. Ortega by phone at 637.447.776 , through ON-LINE ASSISTANCE on our web site www.coniex.comor by e-mail at josevicente.ortega@coniex.com, who will gladly help you to solve all your doubts.