T10 rotary table shot blasting machine

The rotary table shot blasting machines are machines that, due to their characteristics, can be easily introduced in different types of processing, adapting to the treatment of various pieces with different shapes and typologies.

This type of shot blasting machine can also be complemented with accessories depending on the part to be treated.

The rotary table shot blasting machine is often used to treat parts specific to the glass industry, such as molds. In addition, its use is also common in sectors such as the automotive or gear industry, as well as for the recovery of metal parts.

The applications of our rotary table shot blasting machine are diverse. We highlight the processes of shot peeningshot peening, whose objective is to improve the fatigue resistance of the components; surface finishing, either for aesthetic or mechanical purposes; removal and cleaning of shot or scale.

Once placed on the moving table, the parts are uniformly fed with a wide jet of shot blasted by centrifugation by one or more turbines.

Our production range goes from a minimum of 500 mm to a maximum of 2400 mm.

T series shot blasting machine models

D (mm)H (mm)(kg)
T10 F1000450900
T10 H7501000750900
T10 H100010001000900
T10 H125010001250900
T10/2T H7501000750900
T10/2T H125010001250900
T14 H1000140010001400
T14/2T H75014007501400
T14/2T H1250140012501400
T14/3T H1750140017501400
T18 H85018008501800
T18 H1250180012501800
T24 H1750240017505000