DRY Vibration

Mud problems? Oxidation problems? Too long and expensive process times?

CONIEX is the only supplier in the market that has developed Dry Vibration technology. If you vibrate pieces of Zamak, Aluminum or others, without oils or coolants, get in touch NOW to start saving.

Traditional wet vibration

Wet vibration is the traditional method for deburring, refining and polishing metal or plastic parts. Using vibro-finishing machinery, we reduce the roughness of our clients’ parts to the desired degree depending on their final application. Our vision is offer the complete pack to the client (machinery, abrasive and chemical product) to the client so that he can reach the desired results.

Laboratory tests

Need to lower the roughness? Not sure which abrasive will work best for your deburring, honing, polishing or buffing process?

We put at your disposal our fully equipped laboratories and our specialist technicians to perform surface finish tests on your parts.

Our machinery

Our abrasives