After analyzing the properties of vacuum evaporators and their advantages for the environment, in the second part we analyze other types of evaporation equipment and the advantages of their installation.

Forcedcirculation evaporators with external heat exchangers

This equipment has the following characteristics:

– High hourly production
– Low foaming tendency
– Compact dimensions
– Single or multiple effect devices (energy savings up to 50%)

For the treatment of large daily production of:
– wastewater with concentrations up to 20% of suspended solids
– wastewater with concentrations up to 1.25 kg/liter density
For a higher concentration they can be coupled to a concentrator (device with internal scraper at the end of the treatment)


The product is brought to boiling temperature by means of a jacket heated by hot water or steam. The condensation of the vapors is carried out with air or water condensation coils.
They are simple in their construction and management, which guarantee a high production due to their optimal water/steam heat exchange and are relatively economical in their construction.

Conclusions :

The installation of a Formeco-Coniex Evaporator allows to solve the problem of wastewater treatment with a quick payback investment and very low operating costs.
The reuse of the distillate in the washing cycle also allows considerable savings and avoids the user the problem of checking the discharges to verify the hardness of the water or its salinity.
The elimination of the production of large volumes of wastewater avoids all the logistical problems related to its storage and transportation, as well as the corresponding costs.
The choice of a Formeco-Coniex Evaporator is therefore the best choice. optimal solution for a large number of users, in various productive sectors, always with the convenient respect of the disposal of large quantities of wastewater to specialized companies and, in many cases, also with respect to other technologies (chemical/physical treatment devices).
The range of Formeco-Coniex evaporators includes a series of devices that, due to their characteristics and dimensions, meet the requirements of a large number of users, from small companies to large industries.

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