White or brown corundum

Corundum is the most widely used industrial abrasive, its use in sanding charts, grinding wheels, chips for vibration and projected in grain by means of compressed air, make it a very common abrasive in the metal industry.

Corundum (or corundums, there are several types) are electrofused aluminum oxides, with an alpha alumina structure and Knoop hardnesses between 2000-2100 Kg/mm2.

There are several varieties or types, but the most commonly used are white (of greater purity and hardness) and brown (with small percentages of titanium and iron oxide in its chemical composition), hence its color.

Corundum is subject to international screening standards (FEPA, Federation of the European Producers of Abrasives, equivalent to the American ANSI).

These sieves are used to identify the particle size of the abrasive.

The chemical composition varies depending on the origin and production characteristics of each manufacturer. These variants condition the characteristics and behavior of the material. In some cases in a very noticeable way. Especially with regard to its tenacity (colloquially we could define it as: resistance to splitting).

Coniex markets high quality corundum for application by spraying(shot blasting) although the application is also known (albeit erroneously) as sandblasting. The corundum can be sprayed by means of compressed air impulsion either by Venturi (or suction) or direct pressure.

Its main applications, to mention only the most common ones, are:

  • Stripping of surfaces with rust or paint residues
  • Preparation to coatings such as paint or galvaniccoatings
  • Preparation to improve rubber-to-metal anchorage type bonding
  • Engraving on stone, marble, granite, etc.
  • Satin finishing of glass, metals, plastics, etc.

Coniex markets white and brown corundum from 14 to 280 grains and the product is available in 25 kg bags, 250 kg pallets or 1000 kg pallets.

Ask for a corundum offer now and consult with our specialists to determine which type of abrasive is best suited for your job.