The current trend in the foundry sector is to go for “zero discharge” in the generation of aqueous waste. The option of treating these wastes by means of vacuum evaporation systems is the lowest cost and most versatile on the market. No other process offers as many advantages as vacuum distillation.

What is “zero discharge”?

Zero discharge consists of the use of techniques that allow the reuse of wastewater with the objective of minimizing water consumption and the amount of waste to be treated externally. It is also a more sustainable process as it significantly reduces the environmental impact.

It is performed by vacuum evaporation, which, in addition to being more environmentally friendly, reduces costs and time in the liquid treatment process. After the use of CONIEX heat pump evaporation systems, it can also be seen how the water quality improves compared to that treated by conventional systems.

The vast majority of companies in the sector have been searching for a long time for a suitable process for the treatment of emulsified waste from metal smelting. These treatments are generally very expensive and require exhaustive control and daily maintenance. At CONIEX we believed it was necessary to create an alternative proposal that would be automatic and more efficient than conventional water treatment systems.

The “zero discharge” solution for reducing costs

Vacuum evaporation with CONIEX systems consumes very little energy. In more concrete terms, depending on the degree of contamination of the water to be charged, only 60-90 Wh/l are needed, which is approximately equivalent to 7.5% of the energy consumed by a conventional distillation system.

Energy consumption is not the only factor influencing the low cost: evaporation equipment requires little attention in terms of operation and maintenance and is much more environmentally friendly.

The use of these systems is thus presented as the solution to both the economic and environmental problems arising from waste management in foundries.

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