Our value proposition to the customer


Comprehensive service

Since its inception CONIEX, provides a COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE to its customers and consists of:

  • Process consulting and solutions engineering
  • Sale of machinery and installations. Integration of equipment.
  • Sales of consumer products
  • User training
  • After-sales service.

Process consulting

Our Consulting Services include the study of the customer's needs in their industrial finishing processes and we combine our experience, knowledge and engineering to propose the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.


Soluciones a medida

Each sector, each type of industry, each production method and each part requires different finishing processes. We study each piece starting from the original state and the final finish required. We offer the most suitable machinery or installations and products for each process, seeking the best productivity and optimizing production costs.


Continuous training

Continuous training is indispensable in any company, as it enables employees to acquire new knowledge and skills and to adapt to the latest developments in their sector. We specifically train the users of our facilities in the handling and maintenance of the same, in order to always have a regularity in the processes.


Long-term relationships

It is the only way we understand to have a win-win relationship between suppliers and customers, generating mutual loyalty: offering good quality at the right prices and with impeccable service and attention.



We all know that more and more industries are using technology to improve their performance and ensure better results. Industry 4.0 is looking for exactly this!

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