Innovation and Quality

Innovation at Coniex is much more than inventing a new solution to a problem. We are well aware that innovation and development can take many forms and must be carried out transversally in all parts of the company to achieve consistently high quality.

Pioneering surface finishing solutions includes making innovation a priority. For this reason, Coniex is constantly committed to R&D&I in a transversal manner and thanks to its state-of-the-art laboratories.

The key to success in R&D&I

Values such as creativity, teamwork and motivation flow in total harmony throughout our company’s workforce. Thanks to the establishment of these values as the core of our R&D&I, we can achieve success in our main strategic lines.

Collaborating Entities

We actively participate in joint projects and involve members and representatives of other sectoral associations and collaborating entities in our initiatives in order to foster good relations between them and establish synergies that always benefit everyone.