Industrial talc: very fine and dry lamellar powder composed of a studied mixture of particles. It is used as a release agent in the mold vulcanizing process and mainly in the casting process. By applying it every three castings, we facilitate the filling of the parts and extend the life of the mold, since we protect it from metal abrasion.

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Silicone spray: Minimizes problems of adhesion of the silicone to the models, avoiding mold breakage when removing the originals after vulcanization.

Original vulcanized release agentis a highly volatile liquid product used to prevent the original parts from sticking to the mold and to make them much easier to remove. This product avoids mold breakage when removing the original parts after vulcanization and is suitable for both metal parts, with or without galvanic bath, and polymeric parts, including all types of 3D printing resins. For more information on the original vulcanized release agent, please visit our blog: original vulcanized release agent