In the following video, Javier Garijo, CONIEX Consultant in shot blasting and shot blasting, presents a T10 rotary table shot blasting machine.

The equipment, on display at the BIEMH 2014 trade fair in Bilbao, is an installation for the surface finishing of metal parts by projection of abrasive particles at high speed, driven by a mechanical turbine.

The abrasives compatible with this type of installation are metallic, spherical or angular abrasives, stainless steel abrasives and ceramic abrasives.
The rotary table has a diameter of 1,000mm and supports a load of up to 1,000kg of parts. This compact installation consists of a low consumption turbine, a collection, elevation and separation system and a vacuum filter.
Consult your needs with us and we will help you define the most suitable equipment, process and abrasive for your surface finishing treatment.Shot Blasting and Abrasives Section