After more than 32 years in the centrifugal casting sector, from CONIEX we want to offer you the best solutions to optimize your processes to the maximum and to obtain pewter and zamak pieces of the best quality.

Today we want to talk about Teflon rods in the molds to create hairpieces and cast parts with blind holes.


Teflon is a material with excellent properties. It is non-stick, has low wettability and surface energy and does not generate friction.

Teflon rods are ideal for creating very precise and highly durable inserts or blind holes in silicone molds for centrifugal casting. Teflon is a highly temperature-resistant material, so it withstands the vulcanization process and the heat of molten metal without expanding or deforming. In addition, it is completely non-stick and is very easy to remove from castings without leaving marks.

At CONIEX we commercialize Teflon rods perfectly calibrated and of different diameters, in order to achieve any type of hole or insert in the parts during centrifugal casting processes. Teflon rods from Ø 2 mm to Ø 20 mm are available.

In addition to rectified Teflon rods, and in order to adapt to the needs of all our customers, CONIEX offers the possibility of supplying this material in sheets of different sizes and thicknesses as well as silicone rods.


Using Teflon rods in silicone molds for centrifugal casting is very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps explained below.

When making the mold, we must place the Teflon rod in the hollow of the piece that we want to be hollow.

Each time a casting is made, the part must be allowed to cool completely and then the Teflon must be removed.

We put the Teflon back in the mold in the same way and proceed with the next casting.

When the Teflon wears out or starts to burr, it is replaced by another one cut exactly the same and the same mold continues to be used until the end of the mold’s useful life.