Curso Esmalte en frio para joyería en Madrid

Cold enameling course

We are excited to announce a new edition of our exclusive cold enameling course in collaboration with the renowned jewelry brand and workshop, Ginger & Velvet. Using our Esmaltex products, this course will be held at the charming Ginger & Velvet workshop, located near the National Prado Museum in Madrid.

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Enameling Course at Ginger & Velvet

Instructor: Maite G. Tejedor, designer at Ginger & Velvet and expert in jewelry enameling, will lead the courses, providing a hands-on educational experience.

What will you learn?

The course is designed for jewelers and artisans interested in enhancing their skills in cold enameling. During the sessions, participants:

  • Will explore cold enameling techniques to create unique and customized jewelry pieces, costume jewelry, furniture, and eyeglass frames.
    • All types of surfaces will be worked on: flat, semi-curved, and curved.
    • You will learn how to examine the pieces to determine what type of catalysts are needed.
    • You will learn how to work with color mixing and specific techniques with clear enamel for transfers, photos, and illustrations.
    • Encapsulations and resins will be worked on using commercial molds. You will learn how to cut, drill, sand, and glue them for assembly.
  • They will receive practical and personalized guidance from Maite G. Tejedor, ensuring a deep understanding of the materials and techniques.
  • They will have the opportunity to work with Esmaltex, our brand of high-quality enamels and epoxy resins, discovering its potential and versatility in creating jewelry and other decorative objects.

Images of examples designed and created by Ginger & Velvet with Coniex’s Esmaltex.

Why participate?

  1. Quality and Experience: Esmaltex is synonymous with quality in enamels and epoxy resins, and this course will allow you to experience firsthand the capabilities of our products.
  2. Unbeatable Location: The Ginger & Velvet workshop, located in the heart of Madrid, offers an inspiring and comfortable environment for learning.
  3. First-Class Training: You will learn from Maite G. Tejedor, an expert in the field, ensuring that you acquire valuable and practical knowledge.

How to Register

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Ongoing Collaboration with Ginger & Velvet

Our collaboration with Ginger & Velvet reinforces our commitment to providing high-quality products and supporting the community of jewelers and artisans. Together, we are dedicated to providing educational opportunities that inspire and empower creators, enabling them to unleash the full potential of Esmaltex enamels in their creations.

The Importance of the Course

This course will not only allow you to improve your technical skills but also help you discover the high potential of Esmaltex enamels in the jewelry sector. Our products are designed to deliver exceptional results, and this course is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use them effectively and creatively.

Testimonials and Photos from Previous Courses

We have had the pleasure of conducting several courses previously, and we are delighted to share some photos from our past events. These courses have been a great success, and participants have praised the quality of the training and Esmaltex products.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming courses and discovering all that Esmaltex has to offer!

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