We are proud to share that CONIEX has had the honor of being present, in some way, in the last edition of the Goya Awards by the hand of
GinGer & VelVet

With the originality that characterizes her, Maite G. Tejedor, creator of GinGer & VelVet, has been responsible for embellishing the winner of the Goya for Best Leading Actress, Susi Sánchez, with her spectacular enameled jewelry. The actress has also been awarded by the critics as the most elegant of the ceremony, and we are not surprised at all.

On this occasion, GinGer & VelVet has designed a set of enameled jewelry consisting of bracelet and earrings whose common element is a flower that reminds us of the hibiscus. What makes these pieces special is, besides their beautiful shape, the genuine way in which the colors have been applied, obtaining a result so bright that it almost seems wet.


Combining the most manual techniques with complex decoration systems, such as enameling, some of the Spanish jewelry brands, such as GinGer & VelVet, have wanted to reinvent the way the industry is conceived by betting on craftsmanship in the production of jewelry. The slow-jewellery or handcrafted jewelry makes use of the most traditional methods together with innovative decoration systems. It is manufactured in small batches and in many occasions, personalized, thus producing not only jewelry, but elaborations that transmit sensations and tell a story.

The pieces worn by Susi Sánchez during the Goya Awards 2019 gala have been carefully decorated with our cold enamel of our own manufacture,
Our glazes are available in a wide range of colors. In addition, its excellent quality provides a high gloss finish and high resistance to light, impact and abrasion. They adapt to any part or surface, whether curved, flat, with edges or requiring greater flexibility.

If you produce jewelry and want to improve the quality and finish of your pieces, do not hesitate to contact the CONIEX Technical Team. We will advise you in order to offer you the most suitable solution for your type of production.