Innovation at Coniex is much more than inventing a new solution to a problem. We are well aware that innovation and development can take many forms and must be carried out transversally in all parts of the company to achieve consistently high quality.

Pioneering centrifugal casting and surface finishing solutions includes making innovation a priority. For this reason, Coniex is constantly committed to R&D&I in a transversal manner and thanks to its state-of-the-art laboratory.

In February 1999 we implemented the Quality System for: Manufacture, commercialization of machinery, products and services for surface treatment and casting, complying with DIN EN ISO 9002: 1994.

Since 2003 it has been extended to DIN EN ISO 9001, both certified by TÜV CERT.

Innovation is not an option but an obligation

At Coniex we have it clear, through our laboratory and continuous R+D+I we see innovation as an obligation to deliver a high quality product to our customers. But there is more: Innovation allows both individuals and companies to interact in a highly dynamic and competitive world in which it is necessary to be at the forefront in order to gain a favorable market share.

The following are some of the benefits achieved through innovation: improving the company’s image in the eyes of its customers and competitors, offering more benefits to consumers, boosting sales growth, building loyalty, generating barriers to entry for competitors, positive results.

We should also clarify that in order to innovate it is not necessary for the company or organization to have a large amount of economic resources, since the term innovation does not focus on or relate exclusively to making large investments of millions of dollars, but we can also innovate, for example, in business processes or strategies. We can innovate by designing strategies for cost savings, logistics and distribution, input revision, improved customer communication, quality processes, new product development or product improvement, among others.

In such a competitive environment we cannot afford to sit back and believe that our original idea or product will be innovative forever, or that it does not require changes or improvements just because it keeps selling. We must be aware that if we do not keep up to date, it will be very difficult to maintain a leading position in the market; a company that does not innovate is guaranteed to fail. It is necessary for the services or products we offer to be modernized and adapted to the current demands of both customers and markets, and of course to find ways of working that help us to optimize the efficiency of our resources. Let’s remember that nowadays everyone wants to minimize costs, so we have to do more with less. It is essential that the people in our teams are open to change and that we promote practices in the organizational culture that drive innovation, because there are always ways to do better what we do today, we know that we will achieve this by working hard, i.e. monitoring the competition, knowing the wants and needs of our customers, observing in detail the environmental and governmental forces.

In view of the above, I believe that we must develop innovation-driven cultures whose application generates a competitive advantage in our areas of activity. We must be visionary by offering our customers innovative products and also by adapting our business models to the new trends in the environment, so that we can strengthen our brands and maintain them for a long time in the market.

At Coniex we have it clear, through our laboratory and the continuous R+D+I we look for ways and mechanisms that pursue a leadership position in the markets through the productivity of our internal processes.