Why apply talc in casting molds?

Due to the aggression suffered by the molds during casting due to different factors, one of the most important being the abrasion of the metal at high temperature, the rubber and silicone molds deteriorate until they reach the end of their productive life.

It is therefore advisable to apply CONIEX industrial talcum powder for molds in each casting. A small layer is more than enough and the life of your molds will be considerably extended with this small gesture!

CONIEX industrial talc is a very fine and dry lamellar powder, specially designed for this application, which facilitates air release and mold filling, protecting the mold from metal abrasion.


Be careful…the common talcum powder that can be found in any store or department store is not suitable for this application!

What do I get from the application of CONIEX industrial talc in each wash?

  • We achieve easier filling of the parts
  • We obtain casts with less air bubbles.
  • If we strain the metal at a suitable temperature, it further minimizes the pores.
  • We achieved a significant increase in the mold’s resistance to abrasion.
  • It is very easy to apply, without the need for special devices or specific tools.

How should I apply industrial talcum powder?

See an example of how to apply talc in your molds by playing the following video:

  • It is recommended to use a cloth wrist cloth for its application.
  • Apply a thin layer of the product before each wash, or at least every two washes.
  • Avoid accumulations in the cavities or cavities of the mold. If necessary, remove the excess with a brush.

As it is a powder product and, therefore, very volatile, it is recommended to use a dust vacuum cleaner with filter. CONIEX, S.A. has this type of vacuum cleaners for the absorption and filtering of talc that may be dispersed in the environment, thus keeping the installations clean and free of dust. Most of the filtered CONIEX industrial talc is recovered in a tray free of large particles, suitable for reuse.

It is also recommended to keep the product protected from humidity.

Do not hesitate to use our CONIEX industrial talc, the life of your molds will be considerably extended, thus obtaining an extra profitability in your productions.