The CONIEX Group actively participates in the manufacture of Leitat 1 ventilators and does so through its ABRAST business unit, 100% dedicated to post-processing and surface finishing of parts and components manufactured additively by means of 3D printing technologies.

It is common to be surrounded by applications manufactured using 3D printing technologies that look optimal for their final use… but are you really aware of all that is involved in reaching this state for an “end use”?

Still unknown to much of the population, is the mandatory need to “clean” and “polish” such parts once they come out of the 3D printers. This final, necessary phase of manufacturing is known as “post processing”.

Approximately 90% of the parts that are additively manufactured today require some type of post-processing.This has historically been done in a very manual way, depending to a large extent on the skills, training and “tact” of the personnel in charge of these operations. For example, manual sanding and polishing with all the associated costs and lack of consistency is still common.

When production needs increase and quality and repeatability are required on an industrial scale, there is a need to optimize and automate these post-processes.

From 3D component finishing, we specialize in consulting, marketing and implementation of all types of post-processing solutions.

As a founding partner of the 3D HUB (IAM3DHUB) of Leitat in Terrassa and strategic technological supplier of the 3D Factory Incubator ABRAST has made available to the sector, from the beginning, all the necessary resources to deal with the necessary cleaning and surface finishing of many of the 3D printed parts with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, among others.

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