Flexible epoxy resin domingflex

For resin drop processes

Our line of flexible epoxy resins, marketed under the DOMINGFLEX brand, is specially designed and formulated for label coating and other applications. Unlike other doming resins, the Domingflex line does not require special installations or complicated processes.

In addition, our doming resins do not bubble or yellow over time.

Our flexible doming epoxy resin, marketed under the DOMINGFLEX brand name, has been developed by Coniex for application in labels and other products using the resin drop process. This type of resin is an ideal alternative to polyurethane resin, thanks to its excellent finish quality, low cost and easy application.

DOMINGFLEX is an epoxy resin that is completely free of bisphenol A, which is a hazardous substance due to its harmful effects on health. DOMINGFLEX complies with all current regulations, being able to certify its absence of toxicity if necessary.

Doming epoxy resin is characterized by its low hardness, so the final result after application by resin drop will be a flexible and elegant product. In our catalog of flexible epoxy resins we have different hardnesses to obtain different flexibilities.

Advantages of Domingflex

Doming resins provide a clear coat after application using the resin drop process, also known as doming. Doming resins are two-component epoxy resins with a very glossy final appearance that does not yellow over time.

Thanks to years of investment in research and development, DOMINGFLEX resins manufactured by Coniex offer many important advantages over other doming resins on the market.

  • They do not require special facilities or costly processes for their application (it is not necessary to have a very well air-conditioned room, or to make a vacuum in the mixture).
  • They do not generate bubbles during the mixing of the two components. Other doming resins produce bubbles that are difficult to remove due to the nature of this resin and.
  • Since it is an epoxy resin, it may yellow over time, but thanks to the UV protectors developed in our R&D Laboratories, this yellowing will take a long time to occur, especially if we compare DOMINGFLEX with other epoxy resins on the market.

Other advantages, which DOMINGFLEX shares with other doming epoxy resins, are:

  • It is an affordable resin that offers a high added value to the product.
  • Protects the printed area against tears, scratches and various substances.
  • Protects against moisture and water.
  • Thanks to this protection, the product on which DOMINGFLEX is applied is more resistant and therefore more durable and less prone to breakage.
  • It provides differentiating effects to the product, such as a 3D relief sensation, or a magnifying glass effect.
  • Provides shine and volume.

Greater elegance and improved product aesthetics

Application of our flexible epoxy resin doming

Although the most common application of doming resin is labels on various materials, it can be applied on other products such as key chains, medals, magnets, pins, promotional items, pens, badges, pocket mirrors, etc.

DOMINGFLEX allows short and customized productions in a very profitable and economical way, since, as we have already mentioned, no investments or special conditions are necessary for its application.

Its application can be either manual or automatic and no special installations are required for its application. To apply it successfully, just follow the simple instructions included in the product data sheet. This prevents the formation of bubbles and ensures an excellent product finish.

Below, we provide some tips for the correct development of the resin drop process:

  • It is advisable to use a level, which helps to ensure that the surface on which the resin is applied is completely flat.
  • In a resin drop process it is essential to use the right quantities. Once the resin has been applied, we recommend waiting between one and two minutes to check if we have applied enough resin, so that we can add more resin if necessary. After approximately 30 minutes, the resin begins to dry and at this point no further modifications can be made.
  • Make sure that the process is carried out in a clean place, where there is no excess dust or humidity.

Application of doming resin for labels

In the world of graphic arts and advertising it is common to find labels coated with a flexible transparent layer, which in addition to giving a touch of great elegance to the label, also offers protection against external agents.

This spectacular 3D effect is achieved by applying a flexible doming epoxy resin to the label. This application is carried out by means of a process called resin drop.

Elegant design and quality printing are the basis for an elegant label. The application of DOMINGFLEX will allow you to differentiate your product from the competition thanks to a quality and elegance unmatched in the flexible doming resin market.

Along with DOMINGFLEX flexible resin, we can also supply any kind of tools and accessories for the enameling process, such as enamel dispensers, enameling tables, or enameling furnaces.

Our Technical Department is at your disposal for any questions you may have about our flexible label resins.

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