Domingflex, the flexible epoxy resin as an ideal alternative

In the world of graphic arts and advertising, we have seen those beautiful labels coated with a flexible transparent layer that makes them very elegant, in addition to protecting them.

This clear coat is a resin, applied by the Resin Drop process, also known as DOMING. This is a two-component epoxi resin, with a very shiny final appearance and that does not yellow with time, but very difficult and expensive to apply, since special installations are necessary for its application.

Due to the nature of this resin, and after having eliminated one of its components for being harmful to health, during the mixing of the two components, bubbles are generated which are difficult to eliminate and which, if not completely eliminated, will remain visible on our labels. For its correct application and to avoid these bubbles, it is necessary to have a very well air-conditioned room, to make the vacuum in the mixture, either with a vacuum chamber, if the application is done automatically, or with a vacuum pump, if it is applied manually.

Our DOMINGFLEX flexible epoxy resin is the ideal and economical alternative to polyurethane resin. For its application, both manual and automatic, no special installations are necessary and, following the instructions indicated at the time of mixing, you will totally avoid the formation of bubbles. DOMINGFLEX is fully Bisphenol A free, which, as you know, is a substance banned for being harmful to health. It complies with all current regulations, being able to certify its non-toxicity if necessary. In addition, it is characterized by its low hardness, which allows the final result to be flexible. We have different hardnesses to obtain different flexibilities.

Since it is an epoxy resin, it may yellow over time, but thanks to the UV protectors developed in our R&D laboratories, this yellowing will take a long time to occur, compared to other epoxy resins on the market.

You will be able to carry out short and customized productions, in a very profitable and economical way, since, as we have already mentioned, no investments or special conditions are necessary for its application. Design your label, print it and you are ready to give it that spectacular 3D effect. Most of our customers have found DOMINGFLEX to be the ideal alternative for the resin coating of their labels.

Although the most common application is labels, it can be applied on key chains, medals, pins, promotional items, etc. Do not hesitate to try it on any non-porous surface, you will be surprised by the results.


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