Plastic shot

Gentle, low impact shot blasting and shot peening

We supply plastic shot for the treatment of delicate and/or specially shaped surfaces that require a surface treatment that is both effective and low impact. It is the most advisable shot for shot blasting and soft blasting that does not alter in the least the treated piece.

Plastic abrasive blasting media is particularly suitable for applications requiring a controlled and gentle treatment, whose action is not excessively abrasive, so that it does not damage the normal state of the surface.

By means of a soft blasting, a surface treatment is achieved that does not attack the piece, nor does it provide any type of roughness. Although its angular-cubic grains are more aggressive than those of vegetable abrasives, it does not produce any type of wear on the treatment machinery or on the surface to be treated.

Its durability and the irregular shape of the particles guarantees high productivity and allows it to be used in equipment that incorporates recycling and reclassification elements for abrasives.


Plastic shot is a low hardness abrasive with a very versatile weight, which makes it an abrasive that can be used in a wide variety of applications and processes for the treatment of delicate metal surfaces:

  • Cleaning of steel and aluminum molds,
  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • Removal of paints without damaging the base metal such as aluminum, magnesium, or composites.
  • Engravings and edges
  • Paint stripping on aeronautical parts and other sensitive materials
  • Boat hull cleaning
  • Deburring of light alloys and shot blasting of plastic parts
  • Technical cleaning and blasting

As mentioned above, it is a very versatile shot, since in addition to having multiple applications, it can be used in a wide variety of shot blasting, shot blasting and sandblasting equipment:

  • Manual and automatic blasting booths.
  • Portable sandblasters
  • Blasting and/or shot blasting rooms
  • Dry and wet blasting machines.
  • Turbine shot blasting machines.


Plastic shot is an abrasive of military origin, which is still used today in the military and aeronautical industry, while its scope of applications has expanded considerably.

For this reason, this shot is manufactured under different regulations depending on the sector for which it is intended. Standard regulations apply to industry in general and specific regulations apply to the military or aeronautical industry.

Our plastic shot is produced from thermosetting plastic resin molds that are subjected to different processes (cured, ground, sorted and treated with antistatic solutions). It is an abrasive that is produced from different types of plastic materials with different hardnesses and is subjected to stringent quality controls (grain size, shape, composition and resistance) before being placed on the market.

Thanks to this meticulous production process, we obtain a plastic shot that can be sprayed under pressure or by suction on delicate parts with absolute guarantees that no damage or alteration will occur on the treated surface.

Advantages of plastic shot

  • Hazardous waste reduction
  • Faster surface treatment, resulting in higher productivity
  • Does not cause any damage or wear on the treated surface.
  • Lower price than other abrasives and abrasives
  • As the plastic shot is harder than the coating and less hard than the substrate, coatings can be removed up to 3 or 4 times without damaging the substrate.
  • Recyclable

Additionally, it should be noted that the contamination and dust generated with the use of plastic shot is very low, which makes it a very safe abrasive for the health of operators. It is also an environmentally friendly product, especially when compared to other abrasives that use chemicals and/or generate a higher amount of dust.

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