Spherical and angular steel shot

For surface finishing by shot blasting and shot peening

We supply spherical and angular metal shot for shot blasting and shot peening processes of metallic surfaces. Our shot blast catalog offers a wide variety of compositions, sizes and hardnesses to suit the needs of each treatment.

Metal shot, both in its spherical and angular format, is the most commonly used abrasive in different finishing and treatment processes for metal surfaces, especially shot blasting and shot peening.

Steel shot can be used for a wide variety of treatments, among them:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Shot peening
  • Oxide removal
  • Preparation for other processes
  • Elimination of tensions

Each type of shot provides a different type of surface finish. Thus, the spherical abrasive provides a smooth and clean surface, while the angular abrasive also provides a clean surface, but with a rougher finish, which is ideal for subsequent processes such as painting or coating.

In turn, the composition, size or hardness of a certain type of shot also influences the final result of the surface treatment and finish.

We supply a complete range of spherical and angular shot, with all possible sizes and hardnesses, which are delivered on pallets in bags and sacks of different sizes.


Manufactured through a process of melting, atomization, heat treatment, grinding (for angular shot), sieving and packaging.

The entire process described above is subject to rigorous quality controls and various international standards, guaranteeing high performance. The general appearance of the treated surfaces is sinusoidal. Its objective is the cleaning and uniformity of the treated surfaces.


Cast steel shot produced by saw-tooth grinding. Its shape allows to obtain a better pickling of the pieces, which facilitates subsequent treatments on its surface. These shots can be used by equipment and in blasting operations both by turbines and by compressed air.

During the production process, the pertinent quality controls are applied to guarantee excellent results:

  • Composition
  • Resistance
  • Angularity
  • Granulometry
  • Sphericity


Gisha shot is a kind of angular steel shot with irregular prism shape. Its main characteristic is its high hardness and its friability, due to which it is considered as the substitute for corundum in many elaborations.

It can be used indistinctly either in compressed air equipment or in turbine machines. In both cases, its aggressiveness must be taken into account.

  • High hardness making it suitable for processes such as:
  • Pickling after heat treatments.
  • Pickling of painted parts.
  • Pickled for welding.
  • Preparation for painting.
  • Preparation for plasticization (rilsan, teflon)
  • Satin metal surfaces.
  • Preparation for the rubber-metal anchor.
  • Chemical nickel preparation.

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