Industrial shot blasting machines

Treatment of parts and surfaces by shot blasting

In CONIEX we have more than 35 years of experience in surface treatment applications and metal parts with shot blasting machines. Our goal is to transmit our knowledge to make your processes efficient and profitable. If you need to carry out a sand blasting, scale removal or shot peening process, let our specialists in shot blasting machines, abrasives and processes advise you.

Granalladoras industriales

Range of shot blasting machines


At Coniex we have a wide range of shot blasting machines for the finishing of surfaces and metal parts by shot blasting.

We work closely with our customers to design a shot blast machine that best suits their needs and allows them to optimize their production process, reduce production costs and increase profitability.

The selection of the type of shot blasting machine depends on multiple factors, but at an operational level these are the main ones.

  • Size, material and shape of the parts
  • Contaminants and soil to be treated
  • Customer specifications and finishing requirements
  • Hardness, size and material of the shot used for surface treatment
  • Whether or not there is a downstream process, such as paint application
  • The total amount of cleaning process required

Rotary table shot blasting machines

Tapestry shot blasting machines

Continuous and bulk shot blasting machines

Combination hook shot blasting machines with table

Shot blasting machines with biconical roller conveyor

Hook-type shot blasting machines with continuous or discontinuous turborail pitch

Continuous pass through shot blasting machines with flat belt

Shot blasting machines with roller conveyor

Hook-type shot blasting machines with automatic parts feed

WMC flat belt shot blasting machine on a network

Through-feed shot blasting machines for wires, rods and tubes

Air conveyor shot blasting machines

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